Academic Program


Here is what you can expect from a ZETA education:

  • Great academics on par with the best schools in New York City,
  • Daily writing, reading, math, and science programs that not only prepare your child to meet and exceed New York State Common Core learning standards, but that bring these disciplines alive so that your child falls in love with learning,
  • High expectations for your child and constant intellectual press beyond perceived outer limits,
  • Individualized instruction and practice outside of class for children struggling with the material,
  • Broadening of horizons for advanced students, equipping them to innovate and invent, building on advanced knowledge and skills,
  • Opportunities for your child to explore his or her own interests and talents,
  • Enrichment program, during or before/after school - may include art, chess, sports, music, foreign language, and others,
  • Technology in classrooms to prepare your child for the demands of a modern workforce, as well as responsible Internet and social media use,
  • A safe and mindful school environment where violence, threats, and bullying have no place,
  • Healthy food and invigorating daily physical activity.