Mission & Vision


Zeta's mission is to build and sustain high-performing schools that forge thriving communities of lifelong learners, problem solvers, and innovators.

Our vision of a Zeta graduate:


  • Zeta grads learn for the love of it and out of boundless curiosity.

  • Zeta grads are academically ready for the whirlwind and challenges of college and a demanding workforce so they can lead extraordinary lives of their own choosing.

  • Zeta grads have the creativity and problem-solving skills and mindset necessary to be innovators and leaders in an ever-changing digital economy.


  • Zeta grads practice healthy habits, engaging in regular vigorous exercise and making smart food choices so that their strong bodies enable their boldest dreams.


  • Zeta grads live mindfully in the present, with a deep sense of self, joy, wonder, and peace.

  • Zeta grads live with audacity, integrity, and grace, not controlled by fear.

  • Zeta grads take risks in anticipation of abundant life returns, accepting also disappointment and pain down this courageous path.

  • Zeta grads dig deep and press on.


  • Zeta grads form profound connections with others, champion community and team, and bring a giving, collaborative spirit to every interaction.

  • Zeta grads walk a mile in others’ shoes and connect from that place.

  • Zeta grads know their roots, live with gratitude, and give back in greater measure.


  • Zeta grads stride confidently into the unknown, trusting their life experiences, capabilities, and openness to others to carry them on unexpected journeys that far exceed their highest expectations.

  • Zeta grads engage in their life’s work, fueled by their passions, talents, and sense of purpose larger than self.

  • Zeta grads own their place as world citizens, leaders, innovators, and disruptors, and bring their power to bear for a better, more equitable world.