Their brilliant future starts here.


Every child deserves an excellent, free education that mines his or her unique and highest potential.  ZETA Charter Schools have the simple aim of delivering just that.  We welcome and serve children from all walks of life, whether they have been New Yorkers all their lives, whether they arrived yesterday, whether they speak English, whether they have a big home or no home, whether they can whiz through school or need special supports.

We are opening two new public
charter schools in August 2018. 

Zeta Inwood 1 Elementary
652 West 187th Street
New York, NY 10033
(In Community School District 6)

Zeta Bronx 1 Elementary
222 Alexander Avenue
Bronx, NY 10454
 (In Community School District 7)

Each school will open with 180 kindergarten and 1st grade students, and will grow one grade every year until it serves 530 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  We also plan to submit an application to open pre-kindergarten in August 2021.

We aim to be neighborhood schools that are integrated to the extent possible, as we believe a diverse student population enriches the school environment and raises the level and depth of learning for everyone.  Children residing in the NYC Community School Districts where our schools are located will receive lottery admissions preference.