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Zeta is currently accepting Pre-K through 6th grade applications for the 2023-2024 school year.

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Zeta’s Teacher Residency program equips you with skills that will have a lasting impact on your career path, no matter which direction you choose. Join a cohort of Resident Teachers, and embark on your teaching journey with a strong support system.

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You can be part of a movement to ensure that every child in America has access to the highest-quality free education from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Make your mark. Write your story at Zeta.

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Our Residency Program

Launch your purpose-driven career.

As a Resident Teacher, you will be on a journey that has big and lasting impact on students, families, colleagues, and our communities. You will grow immensely as an individual and professional as you receive individualized development unlike any other.

Earn a free master’s degree in two years.

Zeta Resident Teachers enroll in a 2-year Master of Art in Teaching Residency program where you will learn the knowledge and skills you will need to elevate your teaching practice. In New York, you must be enrolled in a Master’s program in teaching to become professionally certified.

Get hands-on classroom teaching experience alongside other passionate educators.

As a Resident Teacher, you will have the opportunity to work closely with a co-teacher in your own classroom who will support you in your learning throughout your Residency. You will work closely with them to set goals, plan lessons, study student data, and more.

Receive impactful feedback from your school leaders and colleagues.

We believe in consistent, clear feedback and coaching designed to support your growth as a teacher. School leaders and teachers will be in your classroom to observe you and give feedback on a regular basis. You will have the chance to meet with your leaders frequently to discuss what you are working on and ways to elevate your practice, based on where you are in your teaching journey.

Become part of the educational equity movement.

Being a Resident Teacher has impacts far beyond the classroom. Joining Zeta means you are joining a passionate, mission-driven team that refuses to accept the inequitable status quo. We believe all children have the right to access excellent, free education. Join Zeta and become part of the movement to change the landscape of public education in New York City and beyond.

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