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A Message from Our Founder

Every child deserves an excellent, free Pre-K to 12th grade education that mines their unique and highest potential.

I founded and lead Zeta as a parent first. As a mother of three boys, my husband and I have navigated NYC’s arduous pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, middle school, and high school admissions processes. We (and our children) have faced the challenges, stresses, and uncertainty of looking for the right schools for our kids, jumping through myriad hoops in hopes of getting them into the “best” schools and setting them up for a successful future. We know what every parent knows: that our children deserve every opportunity for a brilliant future. 

At Zeta, we provide and fight for free, world-class, whole-child Pre-K to 12th grade education. Across the nation and in New York City, Pre-K to 12th grade education is inequitable. While families with resources can access private schools or move into the wealthiest zip codes where the highest-performing traditional public schools are located, the vast majority of families are stuck grappling with onerous college-like admissions processes for kindergarten, middle school, and high school. The result is a deeply inequitable education system in NYC, and we must do better for our children.

We lead next-generation schools centered on love.  Our Zeta schools are next-generation, not because of our state-of-the-art facilities and technology nor because of our best-in-class, research-based curricula and methods—but because of our service-driven whole-child approach to schooling at Zeta—schooling centered on love.

We hold ourselves accountable. We ensure every Zeta student meets and exceeds grade-level standards and achieves their highest potential. This means our approach is individualized; we know every single Zeta student and what they need to be working on to grow to the next level. We also know every single Zeta family and partner with them to ensure their students are thriving. We communicate at a high level with families to solve any issue that arises; nothing gets in the way of their child’s excellent education.

Zeta schools are Pre-K to 12th grade, excellent, and free. We currently serve pre-kindergarten through 6th grade, adding one grade each year, and will continue through 12th grade. No hoop jumping, no college-admissions-like application process, no struggle to learn how your student is doing or how you can get involved. Just excellent, equitable, free, whole-child public education, which is a right of every child—this is our promise at Zeta, four years old to college.

Whole-child education

Zeta provides free, excellent, whole-child education centered on love. Starting with a foundation of world-class academics, Zeta also provides a social-emotional, mindfulness program that equips students with the skills they need to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

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