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Zeta is currently accepting pre-k through 6th grade applications for the 2023-2024 school year.

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Zeta: Purpose, Passion & Power

We support staff in pursuit of becoming their best selves.

P3 Program: Purpose, Passion & Power

When you work at Zeta, you join a community that supports and cares for you and that challenges you to be the best possible version of yourself.

Zeta’s Purpose, Passion & Power (P3) program provides team members with a structured series of meaningful opportunities. All staff members attend bi-weekly Community Circle practice, team-building activities, and bi-annual all-staff mindfulness retreats. We draw on our purpose, passion, and power for a deeply meaningful Zeta experience, as well as meaningful personal and career growth.

Zeta cares deeply about whole person development, not just for the students, but also for the adults who support them.


We come together in our shared mission to do what’s right for kids and to transform the landscape of public education.



We pour our heart, love, and passion into the work we do, knowing we can transform the life trajectories of children. 



We dig deep, channeling our purpose and passion to become the most powerful version of ourselves and overcome barriers in pursuit of educational equity for all kids.

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Wellness Initiatives

Community Circles

Just as Zeta students engage in a weekly social-emotional learning Circle with their class, our staff comes together twice a month to practice mindfulness, deepen our relationships, and appreciate one another.

Mindfulness Meditation

Zeta team members receive free access to mindfulness and meditation tools, including several custom-designed resources created especially for Zeta teachers and staff.


Zeta provides a unique opportunity for staff to learn and practice meditation techniques while reconnecting with their purpose and passion for schooling, and stretching their growth.

Zeta P3 Retreats

Zeta’s Purpose, Passion & Power program provides team members with opportunities to come together as a community to learn and grow.

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