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At Zeta, we offer a broad range of activities for a rich student learning experience.

Specialty activities are an important mechanism for children to come to know and challenge themselves.  Through specialty activities, children express their sense of self long before they can articulate this sense with words.  It is where work is play, where children are willing to put in more work than they might otherwise in pursuit of their goals and of excellence.  Big obstacles become fun to tackle; kids then learn to think critically about problems, to be creative, to innovate, to problem-solve, to stop at nothing to reach their aims.  They learn and practice grit over and over again.  Their identity begins to form around these efforts and resultant accomplishments, and they develop character and confidence.

In short, specialty activities are a practice arena for life, and they teach children that they can and should keep working and trying because, if they do, they will improve, grow, and possibly even become great.  

We also offer after-school programming in chess, violin, Taekwondo, sports, science, and mental math.

Zeta students engage in:

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that blends self-defense and performing arts to produce an aesthetically beautiful martial art with a strong emphasis on respect for peers and teachers. The values of the sport reinforce Zeta's vision of strengthening mind, body, and community....
Taekwondo Program
Music allows children to explore and express themselves freely through singing and instruments. Zeta is deeply committed to music education for children starting at a young age because of the creativity, collaboration, and joy it fosters....
Music Program
Chess teaches the importance of planning and strategizing to achieve a focused goal. We offer chess at Zeta to help children develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and other life skills through this special modality....
Chess Program
Organized, well structured youth sports and ongoing physical activities provide many benefits for our students, including strong bodies to fuel students' highest potential. At Zeta, we also believe that students perform better in school when they adopt an active lifestyle....
Sports Program