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Now accepting applications for Pre-K through 7th grade students for Fall 2024!

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Hiring Process FAQs


What is the structure of a Zoom interview?

The structure varies depending on the role. If you are a Resident Teacher candidate, you will answer interview questions and conduct a demo lesson during your interview. If you are a Head Teacher candidate, you will send a demo video of you teaching a class ahead of time so the interview will primarily consist of interview questions and discussing your demo video. If you are applying for a non-instructional role, your interview will vary depending on the stage. You may be asked to complete a work sample before or after your first interview. Your interview will be a combination of questions from your interviewers and debriefing your work sample.


What will leave interviewers with a good impression?

Interviewers care deeply about professionalism, thorough preparation, and authenticity. Being on time for your interview is an important first impression. Being prepared to speak about your experiences, strengths, areas of growth, and ambitions is also essential so your interviewer(s) can get to know you on a deeper level. Finally, you must work hard to let your authentic self shine through! We want to meet the real you.


What can I prepare ahead of time to make the hiring process as smooth as possible?

We highly recommend getting your references lined up ahead of time. It’s really important that your references know that they will be contacted by our team and that they should be prepared to take that call. We always like to have references from the most recent places of employment so we can better understand your most recent experiences. We also recommend that you come prepared to ask thoughtful questions that you would like to know about Zeta! The interview process is just as much you interviewing us as it is us interviewing you. Asking questions is important in figuring out if Zeta is a good fit for you!


What is it like completing a one-way video interview on Spark Hire?

One-way video interviews help our hiring team to learn more about you prior to a live interview. They allow us to tailor your live interview to what we have already learned so that we are able to create the best experience possible for you. Aside from submitting your application, the Spark Hire stage is really your first chance to make a strong impression! We recommend that you find a quiet professional space and that your device is on a flat surface for optimal sound quality. There is no perfect answer; the best answers on Spark Hire are the ones that feel genuine!


What is the school placement process like?

In your application, you will submit your school location preferences in order of preference. Once an offer has been accepted, we work to determine the best placement for you based on your preferences and each school’s placement needs. Before submitting your application to Zeta, we ask that you map out each school location from your home to be sure that your preferences are sustainable commutes for you.


Where do Zeta Network team members work?

Our Network team currently works out of our new Zeta Bronx Tremont Park school (1910 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, NY) and will be transitioning to working out of our new Zeta South Bronx school building (425 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY) for the 2022-2023 school year. 


When will I know what grade I am teaching?

Once you accept your offer, your new Principal will call you to personally welcome you to the school community, and may share your grade placement at this time if you are starting immediately.  If you have applied for our summer start date, you will learn your grade placement before the start of the next school year. We will keep any grade preferences you’ve shared with us in mind when finding the best fit for you and the school, but we cannot make any guarantees. We encourage you to be flexible and have an open mind!