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Sports Class

Zeta’s sports program reflects our commitment to health and wellness. We believe that organized, well structured youth sports and ongoing physical activities provide many benefits for our students. The positive experiences that sports and an active lifestyle bring plays a vital role in a young person’s life.  Physical exercise is good for the mind, body, soul, and connectedness. 

We believe that students perform better in school when they are involved in sports and physical activity. At Zeta, students learn the fundamentals of a variety of sports, including proper technique, skill development, and character-building within a fun, safe, and inclusive environment. 

Soccer, bowling, running, and more!

How do we approach sports?

At the beginning of every class, we have a brief discussion about safety followed by an introduction of the sport and the skills students are learning during instruction.

The class warms up and performs dynamic stretching together, then works on learning and developing specific sport and physical education skills. At the end of the class, students have an opportunity to review the skills and techniques they learned during instruction. 

Zeta students learn the basics of sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and others. In addition, students learn to live an active and healthy lifestyle and about proper nutrition.