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From the moment our children enter our doors on their first day, our most important job at Zeta is to ensure that they love school.  Igniting a passion for learning from their earliest school experience will invest them in education through college and beyond.  At Zeta schools, we will teach children the skills they need to collaborate, to explore, and to solve problems independently.  Our students will spend their first years at Zeta being exposed to great books and being inspired to love reading.  By the end of September, our youngest students will be reading wonderful books like the Carrot Seed and Caps for Sale to their families.  By the end of the year, every child at Zeta will know all of the sounds letters make and how to read words on their own.  They will be bringing home bags filled with books from our libraries and read them to you!  They will independently solve real-life math problems such as how to figure out the total number of students in all of the classes in their grade, and how many more boys than girls.

We love reading and math at Zeta but want our students to learn many more things.  Our students will learn about plants, the human body, American presidents, and Native Americans.  Our kindergarteners will learn coding and how to program little robots.  Our first graders will explore physics and figure out the connection of speed and incline in our Balls and Ramps unit.  All of this knowledge will come to life in our very own Z Lab, an extraordinary creators’ space!  By the end of the year, they will teach you how to play chess and show you their Taekwondo moves.  They will constantly ask WHY as they discover, explore, and learn more about the world around them.  We can’t wait to meet them!

Paola Zalkind
Managing Director of Academics

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