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Now accepting applications for Pre-K through 7th grade students for Fall 2024!

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Zeta's 2nd Grade Remote Learning Program

This program largely replicates the components of our in-person curriculum.

Students spend substantial time engaging in learning through online learning applications but also participate in small- and large-group instruction, individual tutoring, wellness check-ins, hands-on inquiry through science projects, and specialty activities.



2nd Grade Suggested Student Schedule

This schedule is our suggested Zeta student schedule for remote learning in 2nd grade (though the schedule is flexible for families who need or want to work with their children in the evenings and mornings instead).  Students are expected to complete all assignments daily, with flexibility for families who need it.

2nd Grade Student Assignments

Our students engage with the following online learning programs:  DreamBox, Raz for Kids, EPIC Books, Lalilo, and Seesaw.

When selecting the appropriate online apps, we sought programs that could collectively match our vision of balanced literacy instruction, conceptual mathematics, and student-focused learning.

We prioritized platforms enabling students to receive feedback from their teachers and to revise and resubmit their work, as this approach is closely aligned to methods we use in our regular curriculum. We also prioritized programs in which teachers could upload recordings of themselves teaching new information and modeling.

We felt strongly that we needed to implement live video instruction in order to deliver key instruction and facilitate high-level discourse that students should experience during school.  Our 2nd grade students engage in live, full-class close reading meetings, as well as small-group instruction (3-6 children and 1 teacher) and 1:1 tutoring for both literacy and mathOur students performing above grade level participate in Live Video Book Clubs.  Book Clubs consist of no more than three students at the same reading level, and they engage in a rich book discussion emphasizing great habits of reading and discussion.

For science, our schools provide two weekly assignments through Seesaw.  The first is an activity tied directly to a science standard. Students watch an instructional, standards-aligned video (from Generation Genius or BrainPop) and complete an accompanying activity.  Additionally, each week, students are assigned a science text to read that is directly related to science content, and complete a related vocabulary activity on Seesaw.

The vast majority of our students with disabilities have been able to successfully engage with each of our learning platforms independently, ensuring they are receiving differentiated and skill-based instruction every day.  In addition to the three adaptive online learning platforms provided to all students on a daily basis, our students with IEPs who require academic programming (e.g., ICT, SETSS) on their IEP are also provided with the opportunity to participate in 1:1 instruction virtually.  Teachers create their own individualized lessons, utilizing digital curriculum resources such as the Fountas & Pinnell Levels of Literacy Intervention program, or by engaging students in interactive and scaffolded lessons.

To better meet the needs of our English Language Learners, we implemented English Language Learner (ELL) tutoring groups.  The focus of virtual ELL tutoring is to provide opportunities for our English Language Learners to engage in conversations and develop their skills by learning new vocabulary, practicing complete sentences, and building comprehension tools.  Tutors conduct sessions once per week over Zoom and utilize three different platforms, including BookNook, BrainPop-ELL, and EPIC to target student needs and ensure student investment is high.