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Now accepting applications for Pre-K through 7th grade students for Fall 2024!

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5 Ways to Maintain a #StrongBody During WFH



The Z Report is joyful content brought to you by Andrew Utter, People and Culture Associate at Zeta. Check back often for more updates!


You’re currently reading a #joylist. Hope you enjoy!

One of Zeta’s core pillars is “Strong Body,” both for students and for staff. In this new living situation, staying healthy can seem tricky, but maybe it’s time to develop new habits! There are many lists out there with suggestions on how to work out at home, but we had some thoughts on some other ways, some a bit more creative than others. Enjoy! 

  • Stairs in Your Apartment Building

During most situations, living on the sixth floor in a walkup building is probably not ideal. This is not most situations! Those stairs are about to become your best friend. While the stairmaster might not get a lot of love at the gym, they are actually a fantastic leg workout, and this is your chance to try them out for free. So throw on some headphones and get to climbing. 

  • Workouts with Pets

You might’ve heard of Goat Yoga, and you probably scoffed at it while secretly wanting to post a #goatyoga photo to your Instagram. Well now is your chance. While you (probably) don’t have a pet goat at home, you might have a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or something else even furrier than a goat. Even if yoga isn’t your thing, you can use your pets as makeshift weights (don’t drop them) or jogging partners.  

  • Books as Weights

I’ve moved every year since 2014. Whether between dorm rooms or apartments, it’s become an annual tradition. Each time, I’m reminded of one thing in particular: books are really heavy. As a bit of a hoarder, especially of books, the mini library that follows me around only continues to grow in mass. So, during this time when gyms are no longer available, use books as weights! They also make for pretty sturdy blocks for yoga or other workouts that might require them. 

  • Zeta Fit Videos!

Our sports teachers, Mr. David and Mr. Ruiz, have been posting videos every day for both kids and adults.  Tune in each day to see what at home workouts they are doing themselves. 

  • Make yourself a standing workspace

Probably the easiest one on this list, find (or create) a spot in your living space that allows you to take a break from sitting. Ideally, in such a space, your screen will be at eye-level and you won’t have to lean over to reach your keyboard. For some (like me) who are taller, this could be a bit more challenging, but I would highly encourage everyone to spend one evening working to make this into a reality. You can use books to bring your laptop up to the right level. Try this out, and your body will be thankful!

Best wishes from afar,