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Wow through Family Service

We believe education is about service. It is a privilege for us to serve our students and families, and we work hard to build strong family partnerships and relationships of trust through:

Student Ownership & Family Partnership. Forging lifelong learners requires students to take ownership of their own learning and goals, as well as a close family partnership. 

Open Door Policy. Zeta has an open-door policy for Zeta families. Communication and family partnership is key, which is why Zeta families receive all staff members’ email addresses and cellphone numbers, and can expect prompt responses when they email or call. 

Zeta STAR Teams. Zeta students take ownership of their own learning and goal-setting with the support of STAR Teams rooting for their success.  A STAR Team is comprised of the student, parent/guardians, other key adults in the student’s life, and the student’s teacher or other Zeta adult. The team meets multiple times during the school year to review the student’s academic, social, emotional, and life goals and progress, celebrate successes, strategize together regarding challenge areas, and set higher goals. Through STAR Teams, students learn to take initiative to set, pursue, evaluate, and revise their own goals and progress, supported by their community of people.